Show Managers


Managing Your Shows From Start to Finish

Before we bring a one-of-a-kind experience to your exhibitors and attendees, we must first create the concepts behind it. PME Expo Services is committed to working with you on all of the necessary aspects. This consultation time allows us to understand your goals and the budget for your event. From there, we will bring the show you’ve envisioned to life.

Developing a Theme

Our talented and creative team can bring the right energy to your events by establishing a theme. This will set the mood for everything else at your event.

Choosing the Perfect Venue

It is important to perform site inspections for every show. Our job is to create a floorplan design that flows well with your theme. Because of our experience working across the country, we can help you find a venue that will perfectly serve your event.


Making a Good First Impression

We help you wow your exhibitors and attendees by beginning with your entrance units. The moment they walk in, they will know what they’re in for immediately.


Welcoming Your Guests

Registration units are often overlooked. These are not only your onsite bases of operations, but they are also your first welcome to your exhibitors and attendees. They are vehicles that can state the theme of the event while maintaining a professional image.

Leading Your Attendees

Once people enter your show venue, they might be overwhelmed by everything that’s going on. That’s why signs are important. It helps direct your attendees and exhibitors to the specific parts of the event without the stress.

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